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Annual International Festival at Georgetown University - Tea Ceremony Demonstration

Event Date: Sunday, November 14

Event Time: 2pm to 5pm


The event host was initially worried if there would be enough guests/participants for Teicha, given that the event took place on Sunday. It turned out that over 55 students registered. There were 4 sessions of Ryurei demonstrations and approximately 14 guests participated in each session.

Guests enjoyed an experience of authentic Chanoyu, including Macha green tea given by Omotesenke Kyoto Headquaters and sweets. Also, at a Matcha tea making experience table, guests made their own tea and tasted it following Omotesenke Domonkai members' instructions. The event host expressed their gratitude and said that they would like to co-host an event like this every year. We hope to have another Ryurei demonstration and “make your own Matcha tea experience” in collaboration with the Georgetown University next year.

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