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Penn State University Hatsugama Chanoyu Club Lesson

Event Date: 2/6/2024 The Hatsugama lesson (the first lesson of the new year) was held at Penn State University Chanoyu Club. The students took turns experiencing koicha in a tatami chashitsu and usucha at a table. An instructor demonstrated how to make koicha, and the students learned the guests' manners. Drinking koicha was a new experience for most of the students. The students also practiced making usucha, each drinking the bowl they made. Following the Hatsugama tradition, we shared a Tenshin meal after the tea practice and enjoyed a relaxing time together. The Tenshin meals were plated and served by the students under guidance from the instructor. Penn State Univ にある「茶の湯クラブ」にて初釜のクラスを開催。2つのグループに分かれて、畳の部屋では講師がお濃茶を点て、学生にお濃茶の飲み方を指導。立礼では自分で一服の薄茶を点てそれぞれ自服しました。お濃茶を初めて飲んだ学生たちは、薄茶との違いを知り、又、殆どの学生たちが美味しいと味わっていました。お濃茶と薄茶のあとは、用意した点心を皆で頂き初釜らしく、たのしい時間を過ごしました。  点心は講師のアイデアを聞きながら生徒が数人で盛り付けました。

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