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Shofuso Fall Shimin Chakai

Event Date: October 5, 2019



小間席では、濃茶席がかけられ、「時雨洗紅葉・大徳寺瑞峯院 昌道和尚、継道和尚合作」の軸に金継信楽の鬼桶、東大寺2月堂古材の炉縁で小間にふさわしい詫びた設えでした。お菓子はMIU作の深山でした。25名の市民、会員の参加がありました。

DCやPenn Stateからも会員が客として訪れ、計のべ約100名に、美しい松風荘での茶会を楽しんでもらえました。

We were blessed with good weather for this year's Shofuso Tea gathering, which has continued without interruption every Spring and Autumn since 2007. Once again, we were able to enjoy a beautiful autumn Japanese garden.

Seventy guests, both from the general public and Domonkai members, participated in usucha (thin tea) sessions held in the shoin style tea room. The hanging scroll was "Wa Kei Sei Jyaku," written by a Shimano priest. The tea utensils and tools were chosen to amplify the feeling of autumn within the tea room. The sweet was called "usagi" (rabbit) and made by Minamoto Kicho-an.

Koicha (thick tea) sessions were held in the koma style tea room. The scroll in this room read "Shigure Koyo wo Arau," and was written by a shodo and keido priest from Daitokuji Zuihoin. The frame for the scroll was made from wood from a tea hearth frame in Todaiji that was repaired using the kintsugi method by Onioke Mizusashi of Shigaraki. This heightened the expression of wabi that is most appropriate for a tea room.

The sweets for koicha were called "Miyama," meaning deep in the mountains, and were made by MIU. Twenty-five guests from the general public and Domonkai members attended the koicha sessions.

Domonkai members traveled from Washington DC and Philadelphia to join as guests. In total, 100 people were able to enjoy the tea ceremony at the beautiful Shofuso.

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