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Shofuso Tea Ceremony

Event Date: 5/14/2022

A day with early summer rain in May.

The Philadelphia district held a tea ceremony for members in the Hiroma room.

Tea Utensils were suitable for the theme of the season:

The hunting scroll "Nichi Nichi Kore Kojitsu."The meaning is "Every day is a good day. We can appreciate every moment of our life." Written by Rev. Shodo Maeda.

The tea scoop described the sub-theme.

Made by Rev. Ekishu, named "Buji."

The meaning is "Safe and Peace."

About 20 members from DC, NY, and Princeton NJ participated and enjoyed a moment with "Ichiza Konryu" Spirit.


五月雨のしっとりした中でフィラデルフィア特別地区により広間席で薄茶が振る舞われました。テーマにふさわしい道具組み:軸は日々是好日 昌道和尚一行、”無事” 益州老師作茶杓、。DC、NYから約20名の会員が参加し一座建立となりました。

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