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The Tea Demonstration at John P. Humes Japanese Stroll Garden

Updated: 2 days ago

Event Date: 6/1/2024 A demonstration was held in this exquisite Japanese garden's beautifully maintained tea room. The demonstration allowed local residents and distant travelers to deepen their appreciation and understanding of cultural traditions and the Japanese tea ceremony.

During the demonstration, one guest was invited into the tea room to experience and learn about the etiquette of being a guest. This personal experience added a memorable aspect to the demonstration, and many audience members expressed their desire to enjoy tea in the tea room next time.

Twenty-five attendees enjoyed the detailed explanation of the host's manners, which deepened their understanding of the tea tradition. Additionally, the meaning of the phrase "竹有上下節 (Take ni jyoge no Fushi ari)" was explained, and participants shared a moment of "harmony" and "respect," which are central to the Japanese tea ceremony, in the tea room surrounded by bamboo groves.





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