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Experience Chanoyu Day

Updated: May 3, 2022

Event Date: 2/14/2022

Experience Chanoyu Day is a public outreach activity held by the Seattle Special District. We invited the Eastside Community School 8th grade Japanese language to participate. The program is an intensive 2 day Chanoyu class held at our tea room. Prior to attending this class, they read a brochure "Experiencing Chanoyu!" issued by Omotesenke Fushin'an. Today they sat in seiza for the first time in a tearoom and had a bowls of matcha green tea. While waiting their turn, half of the students sketched tea utensils. They are quite good artists! They will continue to learn tea ceremony once a week until June in their classroom.

シアトル特別地区として登録している学校茶道校「イーストサイド コミュニティー校 」(旧スリーシーダーズウォルドルフ校)の8年生(日本の中学2年生相当)の皆さんに茶室において、2日間に分けて各2時限の茶の湯の集中授業を受けてもらいました。





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