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“Experiencing Chanoyu” Program for 8th-grade Students from The City of Bellevue

Event Date: 5/19/2023

The Seattle Special District offered “Experiencing Chanoyu” to the 8th-grade Japanese Language Class students. Since this program was a great success last year, we received a request to do it again this year. The students researched Chanoyu in advance in the classroom and then came to “Experiencing Chanoyu” in the tearoom at The Seattle Japanese Garden.

The 29 students were divided into two groups; the first group came to the tearoom, while the second group toured the garden. Then vice versa.

The students who came to the tearoom observed Usucha from the terrace, entered the tearoom and sat on their knees (seiza), and enjoyed Japanese sweets and matcha green tea from Kyoto. They practice how to bow and how to drink a bowl of tea.




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