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Japan Fair in Bellevue, WA

Event Date: 7/8/2023

Japan Fair is a free, two-day festival in Bellevue, WA, across the lake from Seattle, that celebrates Japanese art and culture.

Formerly known as "Aki Matsuri," Japan Fair is a communal endeavor by musicians, artisans, community organizations, and businesses from Japan and the U.S. who share their products, talents, and knowledge of Japan. Through live performances on-stage, hands-on exhibits, cultural workshops, and vendor booths, the public is immersed in Japan's music, dance, artisanery, and philosophy.

Japan Fair 2023 was held on July 8 &9 at Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue, Eastside of Seattle. Seattle Special District delivered three tea demonstrations on the 8th all day at the special mini stage. This event drew more than 28,000 visitors to see the rich heritage of Japanese culture this year. We are so honored to demonstrate the Chanoyu culture. The 30 guests enjoyed the Japanese sweets and matcha at each demonstration on the mini stage.




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