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Summer School Special Education Tea Ceremony Workshop

Event Date: July 31, 2019

普段のクラスルームを片付けて、突如お茶室の空間になりました。ドアを開けて入ってきた児童はいつもと違う設えとお香の香りに驚きながらも、きちんと靴をそろえて脱ぎ、20分間のお点前を畳の上で正座して静に見ていました。 ”夏の思い出”と名付けた寒天の和菓子は太陽の光で輝いた小川にこの葉が流れているイメージで作ってもらいまいした。きれいで甘くて冷たいお菓子に目をキラキラさせて食べていました。その後各自でお茶を点て、自服してもらいました。こういった体験型の茶道ワークショップは、感受性豊かな年少期に見るだけでなく、実際行うという事は心に残っていくと思います。

After the student’s classroom was cleaned and space was made, it suddenly became a tearoom! The children who came in through the door were surprised by the unusual setting and the smell of the incense. As they entered, they took off their shoes properly and sat on the tatami mats for twenty minutes.

For this event, we had Japanese sweets named “Summer Memories.” These sweets were made with agar and contained the image of a leaf flowing downstream in the shining sun. The children enjoyed the beautiful, sweet treats and ate them with sparkling eyes. Afterward, each child made tea for themselves and drank it. I think the tea ceremony workshop will be remembered fondly for many years to come by the children who were able to attend at such a tender young age.

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