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University of Washington Chanoyu Club Meeting

Event Date:12/11/2021

University of Washington Chanoyu Club, the last club's meeting this year.

The new school year started at the end of September, and the first club meeting was held in a tearoom in October. They have been practicing three time a month in a classroom and once a month in a tearoom. Today's scroll is "Buji kore Kinin(Embracing all)" which is one of the most typical scrolls of year end in a tearoom, they were served typcial red beans mochi soup. They seemed enjoyed very much of this year-end's tradition of a tearoom. Buji Kore Kinin.

「ワシントン大学 茶の湯クラブ」今年最後のお稽古、仕舞い稽古を行いました。


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