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​Events for the Public

Public Tea Ceremonies


The Place 229

Multipurpose space managed by our president to support young artists and others. Tea ceremonies held there are with tables and chairs. Tea ceremonies are offered every year where New Yorkers as well as the members can feel free to participate.



Washington DC where global information comes together, we hold public tea ceremonies at places such as Freer Gallery and the Embassy of Japan. We also give a demonstration of Chanoyu during Sakura Matsuri, National Cherry Blossom Festival.  


Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

The museum first opened as Yamato-kan in Palm Beach, Florida in 1977. Since the principal museum building opened in 1993 as Morikami Museum, we offer Chanoyu demonstrations at the Seishin-an Tea House, once a month, four times a day, from October to June. We also hold Chanoyu demonstrations and school tea ceremonies regularly at Lynn University and Florida Atlantic University.


Shofuso Japanese House

The relationship between Omotesenke and New York goes back a long way. In 1954, The Museum of Modern Art built a tea room in its courtyard, and Omotesenke gifted a hanging scroll created by the head of the organization along with approximately 60 items of tea ceremony insrtuments. Two years later, the tea room was relocated to the Shofuso in Philadelphia. The tea ceremonies, which are held twice a year in the spring and the fall, are enjoyed by the local public and members.



Seattle Japanese Garden

Shoseian Tea House is situated in Seattle Japanese Garden, which was opened in 1961 and is regularly ranked within the top 5 of the best Japanese gardens in America. We hold tea ceremonies in the tea house twice a month, six times a day, from April to October. We also offer reservation-only private tea ceremonies.


Charity Tea Ceremony

We hold tea ceremonies to raise donations for charitable causes. Anyone from small children to the seniors are encouraged to attend and enjoy Chanoyu at these charitable events.


Tea Ceremony Classes at Schools

Our own instructors regularly hold classes to teach in schools, from kindergarten to universities. We are focused on nurturing human resources potentially leading to future possibilities like tea ceremonies held by children and greater participation in Omotesenke Study Sessions.


The Chanoyu Club at Penn State (Pen State University)

Once a month starting September 2012, we have been sending instructors as visiting lecturers during the academic year (September to May). They instruct students in their practice of tea, and give lectures on the history of Sado.

"Gakko Sado" registered schools

"Gakko Sado" (School Sado) provides a way of becoming familiar with and accustomed to practicing Sado from an early age. In order to make this possible, we are building a system for sending visiting instructors to registered schools.

  • Japanese Weekend School of New Jersey, NJ

  • The Kids International Weekend School, NJ

  • Northern Valley High School, NJ

  • Brooklyn Nijinokakehashi Japanese Culture Center, NY

  • Lyceum Kennedy Japanese School, NY

  • Seattle Waldorf School, Three Cedars Campus , WA

  • Fort Hamilton High School, Brooklyn, NY


​Events for the Members

Study Session

A study Session is a lesson and a lecture for the members of the Omotesenke Domonkai given by an professor/instructor delegated by the headquarters, Fushin-an. It is continued to be held annually at a location among New York, Washington DC, Florida, or Pennsylvania.


Tea events by the Chapter

Every year, each chapter director hold tea event for the members. 


For the more information about the event, please follow the blog. Also, please register to login and view the member's area.   



Support Programs by S&R Foundation

Twice a year, we invite young people to participate in Omotesenke Fushin-an Study Sessions given by instructors delegated by headquarters. S&R Foundation supports us by setting up a scholarship program so that the young members of our chapter can attend these sessions.


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