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学校茶道 キッズ国際学園 茶の湯体験Chanoyu workshop at Kids International Weekend School in NJ




2)道具は元の場所へ戻す。 物の配置が決まっているのは、家の中でもあるべき物が、あるべき所にあるのは、整頓されてとても気持ちよく生活できる事と同じ。


This year's 11th anniversary school event, a tea ceremony workshop, was held at NJ's Kids International School. About 100 participants, including 84 students and 12 teachers, experienced making tea. In previous years, the children participated in tea ceremony as customers only, but this year all students enjoyed handling tea utensils placed in front of them and making tea.

They learned the following points for at this workshop:

1) For 20 minutes while sitting on the tatami mats, keep your back straight. The reason is that if the back is stretched, it is good for both health and appearance.

2) Return the utensils to their original locations. The arrangement of things is fixed, such as it should be in the house, to be able to live in a tidy and very comfortable way.

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